Petrichor Records


June 8 2021

Saturnian Mist presents ‘Shamatanic’ album artwork!

It is with great pleasure that we present you the artwork of the new Saturnian Mist album ‘Shamatanic’. The artwork is created by P.E. Packai and is in perfect symmetry with the musical and lyrical content of this groundbreaking album. Saturnian Mist have managed to create a perfect symbiosis of music and art that will definitely gain them new fans while still pleasing the old ones.

Saturnian Mist was formed in 2006 in Finland. The goal was clear from the start; to create occult black metal with the elements of ritual practices incorporated in their sound. The eerie beginning were humble and raw but the band managed to create a buzz around them nevertheless. After several demos and eps the band recorded several albums to distribute their music and overall message that ‘Chaos Is The Law. Saturnian Mist decided to create the ultimate album to spread their occult message over the world. “Shamatanic” was created and is ready to be unleashed upon mankind in all its’ glory and magnificence. Fast, dark, groovy and hypnotic occult black metal that will draw you into their circle of rituals and firm beliefs. Make no mistake; this is not an album for the flock of sheep out there. This is an album for those who are ready to dedicate their whole being to the law. Chaos is the law! Black metal to dance away your days to or fall prey to wolves that hide in the shadows.


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