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August 9 2021

Consumption out now! Old school grinding Death Metal!

Death metal is not dead yet and it’s gruesome, yet fascinating future is here in the form of Consumption! Out now!

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Consumption is a relatively new Swedish duo producing crushing Carcass-like Grind/Death. This project is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Håkan Stuvemark, famous for his works with a huge bunch of Extreme Metal bands (and the most notable from that list is Wombbath). And he invited the experienced drummer Jon Skäre to complete his band to a new level. The grinding death metal with eerie melodies sound like Carcass in their 90’s prime yet they also have a distinct own touch. The overall sound of the album is raw and unpolished just like it should be. Best of all is that this does not sound like they wanted to artificially give it this touch. It has an all natural feel to it which makes it even more intense and interesting. The array of vocal techniques and the way passages differ in speed and intensity give “ Recursive Definitions of Suppuration” just that little bit extra.


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