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July 2 2021

Bizarrekult’s ‘Vi Overlevde’ is officially out today!

Bizarrekult’s ‘Vi Overlevde’ is officially out today. Three variants on vinyl, a cd version, a tape version and a t shirt with the stuning album artwork are available now!

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Coming from Oslo, Norway, Bizarrekult is bridging the two identities of it mastermind – philosophical depth of frozen Siberian steppe and the majestic beauty of Norwegian soil on this debut album. Bizarrekult was formed back in 2006 as a response to the chaos of the surroundings and already with a first demo got attention through 2000 copy split CD release. However, following the second studio demo and then a two track rehearsal demo in Bergen, the project was laid on ice. “Vi Overlevde” (we survived) speaks to the heart of every post-Black Metal fan that is looking for something different. The tracks are filled with great riffing and beautiful melodies, tightly connected to the lyrical themes of frustration, despair, sorrow, forgiveness and finally – hope.


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