Petrichor Records



An intense, raw and heavy trip through dark alleyways.

Formed in Samara, Russia in 2016 Supruga have not wasted any time with spreading their darkened, apocalyptic metal/sludge throughout the world. With several singles and EPs under their belt they have been touring Russia and Europe and slowly establishing a name for themselves in the roaring underground scene. Supruga has a strong work ethic and let no opportunity go to waste that was offered to them. The haunting and earth shattering vocals of singer Ksenia are accompanied by heavy riffs, eerie melodies and at times light-speed drumming. Supruga have managed to create a sound of their own that could be described as THE soundtrack for the apocalypse. When you listen to the ‘ Хаос/ Никто не в безопасности’ album an Endzeit feeling will grab you by the throat and take your breath. The roots of Supruga have definitely influenced the lyrical and musical content, as at times the music feels as if the Volga river slowly and gently crushes you against the banks that guide its’ course through Russia. Be afraid of what is to come, because behind the darkness comes a reddish gloom that will devour you. An intense, raw and heavy trip through dark alleyways.