Petrichor Records

Perfect World


Thrashing fast-paced NYHC with a layered ambience in the drumming and guitars!

With Perfect World Petrichor finally found a hardcore band that manages to combine classic NYHC with modern elements of the genre whilst maintaining authenticity in their lyrics. From the very first second nasty harsh riffs with a metallic touch are mixed up with heavy mosh parts. This modern day crossover adds to the current sense of Endzeit feelings that are haunting the world. Vocal intensity and musical aggression go hand in hand with intricate instrumental parts that color a broad pallet of influences. The fast and groovy hardcore on this album is the perfect soundtrack for a nightly walk in the bad parts of town. It is as harsh as the streets of NYC portrayed in the cult classic movie “The Warriors” but also adds the sense of positivity the final scene of said movie shows. Perfect world manages to create a modern-day classic with “War Culture”. The streets of this U.S. metropolis still sound as intense and dangerous as they did in the 80’s and 90’s.