Petrichor Records



Highly acclaimed Doom Metal follow up remastered!

I doubt that in the 90’s, there was a way to avoid the ever present genius of Dan Swanö. Godsend might not be the most familiar band he has cooperated with but surely not the least. Godsend succeeded in combining Doom with slight Gothic and progressive touches. On their second album ‘In The Electric Mist’ Godsend progressed towards a more Pink Floyd-ish and hippie-esque form of doom metal. Folkish elements were also added to the more conservative doom metal sound they had on their debut album. Originally released by Holy Records in 1995 Petrichor decided the time was here to remaster this classic album and also make sure it saw a release on vinyl for the very first time. ‘In The Electric Mist’ shows us a more mature Godsend sound and, in my humble opinion, is a far better album than their highly praised debut album ‘As The Shadows Fall’. Moody and harsh Doom Metal moments are intertwined by moments of perpetual melodic beauty and grandeur.