Petrichor Records

Descent To Acheron


Brutal, straight to the point technical Death Metal with hints of Black Metal!

Descent To Acheron, hailing from Adelaide, southern Australia play pulverizing Death Metal with hints of Black Metal added to their sound. Blast beats, pummeling grooves and brutal vocals are some of the trademarks of the ‘The Trancience Of Flesh’ EP. Old school sounds go hand in hand with slight progressive touches. Descend To Acheron’s “take no prisoners” approach to harsh brutal music makes them standout compared to the gray mass of mediocrity that nowadays seems to invade the brutal death metal scene. The dynamics displayed in the intense music often resemble structured chaos, but one that sticks to the back of your mind. The high skilled musicianship of the bands’ members enables Descent To Acheron to redraw the borders that were musically set. The six songs on this album are an excellent way for the band to launch their relatively young career despite having seasoned veterans in their ranks.