Petrichor Records



A Grind/Hardcore/Powerviolence hybrid that slams the current state of the world in your face!

Haling from Perth, Australia Concede have been around for a couple of years and managed to leave a lasting impression on the local and international scene already. The band also managed to play a decent amount of shows every year and usually left the crowds in awe and wonder when their set was finished. With several EP’s and singles under their belt the band now unleashes their first full length album ‘Indoctrinate’ upon the world. ‘Indoctrinate’ contains 15 songs that Concede has put their hearts and souls in. Their mix of Hardcore/Powerviolence and Grindcore puts bands such as Nails to shame. The pure, unfiltered rage and disdain Concede manages to capture into their music and lyrics is unparalleled. You can feel the pain, anger and frustration that motivates this band throughout the entire album. A journey through the darkened era mankind is currently facing. Concede has managed to create a work of art that has the potential to become a classic for generations to come.