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August 18 2021

Abramelin unleashes the first video of their album ‘Never Enough Snuff’!

Abramelin unleashes the first video of their album ‘Never Enough Snuff’, re-issued on CD in a deluxe slipcase, worldwide by Petrichor on the 24th of September. ‘Full Gore Whore’ showcases the sheer power and brutality this experienced Australian powerhouse has to offer perfectly.

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Originally formed as Acheron in 1988 by vocalist Simon Dower & then guitarist David Abbott, the band changed their name in in the early 90’s due to a clash with an international act of the same name. Abramelin was a powerful, driving force in the 90’s, playing alongside a host of well-known Aussie acts from various genres, as well as international metal giants like Morbid Angel, Cradle of Filth, Cannibal Corpse, Carcass & Paradise Lost. Fast forward to 2017, Abramelin are back and stronger than ever! Dower and Aldridge are still on board. Petrichor presents the worldwide re-issue on cd of Abramelin’s “Never Enough Snuff”. A brutal and extremely violent album even by Death Metal standards, the album was recorded at various studios in Melbourne and then sent off to Unisound in Sweden to be mixed and mastered by the master of metal, Dan Swanö.


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