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June 11 2021

Grief Collector’s ‘En Delirium’ is out today!

The new Grief Collector album ‘En Delirium’ is out today! Doom laden Metal for fans of Candlemass, Solitude Aeturnus and Crypt Sermon. Featuring legendary vocalist Robert Lowe! Don’t miss out on Robert Lowe’s epic voice of doom combined with t...
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June 8 2021

Saturnian Mist presents ‘Shamatanic’ album artwork!

It is with great pleasure that we present you the artwork of the new Saturnian Mist album ‘Shamatanic’. The artwork is created by P.E. Packai and is in perfect symmetry with the musical and lyrical content of this groundbreaking album. Saturnian M...
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June 7 2021

Sepiroth presents playthrough for ‘Six Time’s A Charm’

Sepiroth is a Death Metal powerhouse on record, but they are equally destructive on stage. Here is a playthrough video of the song ‘Six Times’ A Charm’ so you can see what a potential live show of these fine gentlemen would look like. Or simp...
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June 3 2021

Black Moon Mother streams their new album ‘Illusions Under The Sun’

Black Moon Mother, hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, have created a true work of art with their ‘Illusions Under The Sun’ album, mixing doom, shoegaze and rock together into a unique sound that should appeal to many. Today marks the physical relea...
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May 28 2021

Bizarrekult pre-orders are live now!

The pre-orders for Bizarrekult are live now! Bizarrekult is bridging the two identities of it mastermind – philosophical depth of frozen Siberian steppe and the majestic beauty of Norwegian soil on this debut album! Pre-order Hammerheart Store: https://b...
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